Tuesday, November 27, 2012

lets get this started...

Well this is my second attempt at starting a blog. Couldn't remember my log on information over at thoughts.com, so I followed some lovely lady friends of mine over to Blogger to try again. So here goes...

Why on earth would a woman named Keli name her blog Big Earl's Adventures? Hahaha, because I am funny like that and it makes me laugh. See I am a Big Earl. Well thats how you say it if you are a hick from Oklahoma. Where you are from you may just say big girl. That's okay. I won't judge you.

I am a 34 year old woman with two children and a wonderful husband that loves me and my giant rear. I am confident in my bigness (Okie term. I don't judge you; you don't judge me) I am overweight and would like to not be overweight, but that is not the point.
This is me at a recent event I participated in.
I was cheering on my friend Tammy (she is a Big Earl too) and all her awesomeness.

I have always been a big girl. I am fairly tall for a woman at 5'10" and tower over my wee little husband by a good inch and a half. For this insult, he likes to call me his Amazon. I come from a family with big booties. I can live with it. Even when I lose my weight and get to a weight I feel comfortable living at, I will still have a big butt. I am, and always will be, a Big Earl. And these are my adventures.
So here is a funny picture of an Amazon that my hubby tagged me in on facebook once.
This is from Futurama.