Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Carrot sticks!

I actually love vegetables. I mean it. I love broccoli, celery, zucchini, heck I even like brussels sprouts. Why is it then that I have such a hard time fitting in more veggies? I know the big answer is preparedness. I don't prepare very well. I am a born procrastinator. But this morning I actually prepped myself some celery and carrot sticks to take to work to snack on. And for some reason, it actually feels like a chore to eat carrot sticks! My goodness it even sounds like a curse.

"Aww, carrot sticks! My phone just dropped a call!" Yep I think that one is a keeper.

You know it isn't even as if I am forcing myself to eat something I don't like. I like carrots. And not just covered in ranch dressing. I like plain raw carrots. Perhaps the problem is that I have spent too much time eating junk. My mind feels like I need a potato chip instead. Putting something healthy and filling in my body just doesn't give me the same satisfaction as a handful of greasy, salty potato chips. *SIGH

Time to retrain my brain to want the healthy foods again. This is gonna be fun...

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