Thursday, February 28, 2013

Throw it like ya' mean it!

Time for an update on Big Earl's big fun!

This past weekend was the first Highland Games of my season at the North Texas Kickoff Games in Fort Worth, TX. Good time all around! The North Texas Heavies are the best group around and I love them all dearly! What a great event. We were slated for 6 in the Women's class but only ended up with 5 competitors on Saturday. Nevertheless,  it was an awesome group of really fun women and we had the best judge ever in Brittany Boswell.

I had some great throws this games, most notably a turning of the caber...goal accomplished! She was a tiny little nugget, and she bit back once, but I finally got my turn (and a 12:00 at that) so that is a big monkey off my back. I got a PR in both Heavy weight for distance and in sheaf (which I won, thanks again, to the laying down of much more capable women Tammy and Mona!) I have to say that the height events will continue to be my favorite and something that I have a little bit of an advantage in, being the tallest of the heiffers that I usually compete with. Just have to continue to improve my technique. To that end, I need practice. I really didn't practice like I should have on my off season. Life is busy, I am not that motivated, practice isn't fun by yourself, blah, blah, blah.  I need to buckle down and try harder. End of story. At the end of the day I came in 4th place. Would have loved to be in the top three, but in all honesty, I compete against myself more than anything. As long as I am consistantly getting better, I really shouldn't complain. A friend of mine posted this on facebook earlier and it really hit home...

Some of the highlights of the day:
Mona "The Mastadon" Malec taking down field records like it was her job! Seeing Tammy looking awesome! Down 50 pounds and still as big a personallity as ever and making new fans in everyone she meets.
Hearing the lion roaring from the zoo just behind the trees at the field (and I think a turkey too)
Progress made by 2 brand new throwers that had their first games in October. Sara and Brandy were awesome, fun, and inspiring. Sara even came in 3rd place (this is what happens when you practice...)
Quote of the day: "Maybe I am a lipstick lesbian." -Brandy
Hilarious laughs, renewing friendships, meeting new people, getting to know people better, and the Texas crew putting on a heck of a shindig!
Good times, Good people, just Good.

Oh yeah! I forgot to mention, Brit sent this to us this week. Man I love being in a early season games! Top 10 hahahaha, will never see this again!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I'm a mom, it's my job.

My heart is broken for two local families. A 9th grade boy killed himself in the bathroom at a school not far from here yesterday. Sunday night, a 6th grade girl killed herself. I can't imagine the heartbreak their families are experiencing. I can't imagine what is so bad that it would make a 12 year old girl and a 14 or 15 year old boy take their own life. People like to blame bullying. Maybe that was why. I don't know. Maybe they did not feel loved. I don't know. Maybe they were mentally unstable. I don't know. Maybe they needed Jesus. I don't know, for all I know they knew Jesus. All I can do is wonder. And think about my own children. I have a 12 year old girl and a 9th grade boy. They are both healthy, well adjusted children. I tell myself that healthy, well adjusted children don't kill themselves. But I still worry. I still want to hold my kids a little closer today. I want to cuddle them on the couch and keep them home from school and anything bad that could touch them. Even though I know that is not the answer. So my daughter went to school today, to a field trip she was very excited about. And my son went to school today and will have a big swim meet tonight that he is excited about. My kids are excited about life. That makes me feel better....but I still worry. I'm a mom. It's my job.

My prayers are with the families of those two children.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Don't be a hater...

Inevitably every year I make plans. I set goals that may or may not be reached. I get back on track, or back in gear, or back in the gym, or some other such admirable thing I can do for myself, my health, my family, etc. Every year I write a list of what I should do, mostly because I am a compulsive list maker. With the popularity of putting our whole lives on social media, I find it hard not to notice that I am not the only one that has found myself traveling a path I should not be traveling and had to redirect my steps. This time of year, especially, I see people decide that THIS will be the year they get their particular goal accomplished.

I also notice a disturbing trend of negative Nancy's out there that like to shoot down anyone with a resolution or goal or a hope of acquiring a new physique. What I find particularly sad, is when I see people complaining about the "new years resolution" crowd at their gym. It brings me to mind of when I was a newbie in the gym. I joined the gym mid year, and oh how I felt like I was an outsider. It was the first time I had even seen several of the machines and it was intimidating. I felt like everyone was looking at me and thinking how I just didn't belong there and what did I think I was doing even glancing at the free weights like I would ever know what to do with them. If it wasn't for my husband encouraging me to keep going back, and showing me how to use the equipment properly, I probably never would have figured out that I LOVE to lift weights. And if you are one of those people that hate to see new people come into "your" gym and crowd up "your" equipment, I have only this to say to you. Get over YOURself. You are not the only person in this world. Just because you decided to get your butt in gear much earlier on than someone else, doesn't give you the right to doubt their sincerity and commitment to their goals. NEVER make fun of someone with goals. Without goals, you're on a metaphorical tread can keep climbing and climbing, but you are never gonna get anywhere. And with all the negativity and doubt, is it really any wonder so many people join gyms and quit after just a few workouts? I actually saw a comment someone made about "just trying to scare them off so they never come back." Impressive...he probably does curls in the squat rack too.

So to those of you who have found your way to my little corner of the web that may need a little encouragement in your new goal reaching adventure, I offer a few tidbits that I have learned over MANY years of fumbling and struggling through getting back on track. These are things that I have been told, or learned for myself, or read online or whatever, that have worked for me in the past. These are things, that when I routinely get back on the wagon I have been thrown from by the evil villain known as willpower, I fall back on to get me going again. And also a few things I am just learning this time around.

1. Don't deprive yourself. That is a biggie. If you can't have something you really want, you will be more likely to quit. Eat the stupid ice cream (a SINGLE serving)  and then go take a walk. You will feel better knowing that you didn't get cheated and you didn't cheat yourself.

2. Do something. Anything. Move. Get physical. Dance. Play on the Wii. Play with your kids. Just get off your butt and do it. You will be glad you did.

3. Find a buddy. Even if she lives in Texas and you live in Oklahoma. Tell her how much you weigh and what you want to weigh and how you plan to get there. Then keep her updated. With pictures. And make her do the same. We call this one accountability. And it is tough, but important.

4. Keep track of what you eat. No matter what your plan, writing down what you eat ever day makes a big impact on what you eat. If you know you have to track it, you may be more hesitant to eat it. Or at least you will see where you are making your mistakes...

5. Small plates. It seems silly to some, I am sure, but over time our portions have gotten out of control. If you put a normal portion on a large plate, it looks small. You feel deprived, because you just got a small portion, and you eat more or you feel like you are still hungry. Put the small portion on a smaller plate and it looks like you are getting much more food. Mind tricks work even when we play them on ourselves.

6. Don't eat distracted. Pay attention to what you are eating. Don't watch TV or get on Facebook or mess with your phone. Sit at a table with your food on a plate and eat. It is too easy to eat your food too fast and not give your body time to tell you it is no longer hungry. And If you are with people who will distract you from your food, try to carry on a conversation you have to actively participate in. It will slow down your eating and your body will be better able to tell you when you are satisfied.

7. Fresh and colorful. Try to make most of your food fresh, non packaged food. You don't have to go to the health food store for that. Find a grocery store with an actual butcher. Fresh produce is not that hard to find. And a plate full of colorfull veggies and fresh grilled meat is one of the most satisfying meals I can eat. If your food looks more appealing, it is more satisfying.

8. Keep your triggers out of your spaces. If you absolutely can't have potato chips near you because you will eat the whole bag, don't put them where you can see them. Or better yet, don't buy them. No one else in your family needs that crap either.

9. Prepare. Have a plan and put it into action. Get your foods pre-prepped when you have down time and you will have a much easier time making healthy choices when you are in a hurry.

10. Don't be afraid of the gym. Look people in the eye, and show them you belong there. If you want to know how to use a piece of equipment, ask someone. And for heaven's sake learn how to use free weights! Squat. Not just leg press. Squat. Your butt will thank you....not right away. It will cuss you first, but eventually it will thank you.

There are so many things you can do that will help you not to quit. Find your nerve and stick it out. A better you (and me) is just around the corner.