Thursday, February 28, 2013

Throw it like ya' mean it!

Time for an update on Big Earl's big fun!

This past weekend was the first Highland Games of my season at the North Texas Kickoff Games in Fort Worth, TX. Good time all around! The North Texas Heavies are the best group around and I love them all dearly! What a great event. We were slated for 6 in the Women's class but only ended up with 5 competitors on Saturday. Nevertheless,  it was an awesome group of really fun women and we had the best judge ever in Brittany Boswell.

I had some great throws this games, most notably a turning of the caber...goal accomplished! She was a tiny little nugget, and she bit back once, but I finally got my turn (and a 12:00 at that) so that is a big monkey off my back. I got a PR in both Heavy weight for distance and in sheaf (which I won, thanks again, to the laying down of much more capable women Tammy and Mona!) I have to say that the height events will continue to be my favorite and something that I have a little bit of an advantage in, being the tallest of the heiffers that I usually compete with. Just have to continue to improve my technique. To that end, I need practice. I really didn't practice like I should have on my off season. Life is busy, I am not that motivated, practice isn't fun by yourself, blah, blah, blah.  I need to buckle down and try harder. End of story. At the end of the day I came in 4th place. Would have loved to be in the top three, but in all honesty, I compete against myself more than anything. As long as I am consistantly getting better, I really shouldn't complain. A friend of mine posted this on facebook earlier and it really hit home...

Some of the highlights of the day:
Mona "The Mastadon" Malec taking down field records like it was her job! Seeing Tammy looking awesome! Down 50 pounds and still as big a personallity as ever and making new fans in everyone she meets.
Hearing the lion roaring from the zoo just behind the trees at the field (and I think a turkey too)
Progress made by 2 brand new throwers that had their first games in October. Sara and Brandy were awesome, fun, and inspiring. Sara even came in 3rd place (this is what happens when you practice...)
Quote of the day: "Maybe I am a lipstick lesbian." -Brandy
Hilarious laughs, renewing friendships, meeting new people, getting to know people better, and the Texas crew putting on a heck of a shindig!
Good times, Good people, just Good.

Oh yeah! I forgot to mention, Brit sent this to us this week. Man I love being in a early season games! Top 10 hahahaha, will never see this again!

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