Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I'm a mom, it's my job.

My heart is broken for two local families. A 9th grade boy killed himself in the bathroom at a school not far from here yesterday. Sunday night, a 6th grade girl killed herself. I can't imagine the heartbreak their families are experiencing. I can't imagine what is so bad that it would make a 12 year old girl and a 14 or 15 year old boy take their own life. People like to blame bullying. Maybe that was why. I don't know. Maybe they did not feel loved. I don't know. Maybe they were mentally unstable. I don't know. Maybe they needed Jesus. I don't know, for all I know they knew Jesus. All I can do is wonder. And think about my own children. I have a 12 year old girl and a 9th grade boy. They are both healthy, well adjusted children. I tell myself that healthy, well adjusted children don't kill themselves. But I still worry. I still want to hold my kids a little closer today. I want to cuddle them on the couch and keep them home from school and anything bad that could touch them. Even though I know that is not the answer. So my daughter went to school today, to a field trip she was very excited about. And my son went to school today and will have a big swim meet tonight that he is excited about. My kids are excited about life. That makes me feel better....but I still worry. I'm a mom. It's my job.

My prayers are with the families of those two children.

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