Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I've done it now...

Well there is no going back. I have partners in crime. I made a commitment to be an accountability partner in my quest for a....lets just say healthier, me.

I have struggled with my weight for years. Not gonna lie, I love food. But as I get older, I notice a significant decrease in my ability to be fat and happy. I decided it was time I buckle down and change the fat part. I'm not even looking to be skinny really. What I want is to not jiggle when I walk or wave my arm. And I want to look at a picture of myself and not think it is a horrible picture. Is that too much to ask? Oh yeah, I also want to get stronger in the process...Maybe that is too much.

See what I mean by jiggle. Aww and there is my cute little hubby.
 I would say I have tried it all in the diet realm, but in truth, I have never stuck with anything for long enough to know if it works or not. Considering I struggled to remember to take my birth control pills when I still needed them, any kind of weight loss supplement is out. Fad diets are no fun at all. I find myself severely discouraged when I tell myself I can never again have one particular food (namely potatoes and bread.) And quite frankly, I don't care what you all say about it. Eleminating one food group or source of calories is not going to be a long term solution to keeping me on the right track. Maybe it works for you. Good. Keep it up. But trying to drag me in isn't gonna work.  To be completely honest with you, sugar and starch didn't make me fat. Eating too much of EVERYTHING made me fat. Poor choices made me fat. No self control made me fat. Throwing away the lid to the ice cream container made me fat. (you know cause then I had to finish it)

I have learned alot about how I won't lose weight over the years. And for the record, I have learned alot about how I can lose weight if I want to.  I did Weight Watchers for 3 months one time and lost 30 pounds before loosing focus and gaining it all back again. The problem for me is will power. Well that and accountability. If no one knows I ate a pint of ice cream, it didn't happen. Right? *sigh

I am now going BACK on Weight Watchers. And this time I am going to have a little help. Enter my partners in crime. Two fellow Big Earls that are also highland games competitors. We all live pretty far apart, but with the internet these days I can keep in touch with them better than I do my own mom.  So we will be checking up on each other and talking each other off the ledge when the urge for a pint gets to be too much. We even agreed to send each other pictures of ourselves along the way. Those photos will NOT be shown here... but here is one of the three of us back in April at my first games. They are both smaller now than they were when this was taken, but it is the only one I have of the three of us. Gonna have to take a new one when next we are together to show our progress.

Have I mentioned that a kilt is not a flattering garment for a Big Earl?
Oh well. We are beautiful anyway. Right Girls?!

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  1. Awesome post Keli/Earl! :) Yeah, I've dropped a few since then, thank the gawds! Our little photo sharing is going to be great. I can't wait to see how we do in a few months. Amazing what and extra 10lbs can look like OFF the body.

    Although, I do love that pic of us. :) Clearly we are impressed! haha